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6-Genetch §§: EU labelling regulation on Bt-corn and RR-soya amended

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TITLE:  Labelling of foods and food ingredients within the
        European Union that have been genetically modified or
        have been produced by genetically modifed organisms
DATE:   January 12, 2000

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Labelling of foods and food ingredients within the European Union
that have been genetically modified or have been produced by
genetically modifed organisms

The European Commission has formally approved an EU regulation
requiring food manufacturers to prove their raw materials come
from non-genetically modified stocks and ensure that accidental
GM contamination of any ingredient does not exceed 1%. Producers
will have to label products as GM if they cannot meet the
obligations. Agreed in principle last year and formally adopted
on Monday, the regulation sets a threshold above which
"adventitious" mixing of GM varieties with unmodified ingredients
should be indicated to consumers.

The regulation applies to just two products - a maize and a soya
bean - though the EU will apply the same rules to all other foods
under different procedures. The Commission says the 1% threshold
is the lowest level at which GM contamination can be quantified.
It has pledged to review the figure in twelve months, arguing
that European Parliament calls for a rethink now would delay
legal certainty for implementation. Consumer and environmental
groups also criticise the proposals, saying that supermarkets are
already demanding more stringent standards.

The strengthening of EU controls on GM food labelling has
coincided with new indications from the USA - the world's main GM
crop producer - that it will not follow the same path. US
agriculture secretary Dan Glickman said on Monday that he did
"not see any mandatory or regulatory activities taking place from
the government whether it's labelling or anything else,"
according to a press agency report.

The text of the Regulation was published in the January 11 issue
of the Official Journal of the European Communities at the
following www site:

Commission Regulation (EC) No 49/2000 of 10 January 2000 amending
Council Regulation (EC) No 1139/98 concerning the compulsory
indication on the labelling of certain foodstuffs produced from
genetically modified organisms of particulars other than those
provided for in Directive 79/112/EEC 13


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