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3-Food: Malaysian Third World Network keeps saying "No" to GMOs

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TITLE:  Keep saying "No" to genetically-modified foods
        Consumer bodies take cue from Penang NGO on food security
SOURCE: New Straits Times, Malaysia
DATE:   January 11, 2000

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Keep saying "No" to genetically-modified foods
Consumer bodies take cue from Penang NGO on food security

PENANG, Mon. - Keep saying "No" to genetically-modified foods.
This global call for food security initiated by the Penang-based
non-governmental body Third World Network last year, is now set
to become the plea of global consumer bodies to all Governments.
The move has now resulted in the theme "Consumers Take Action on
Genetically Modified Food" being adopted for World Consumer
Rights Day 2000 which is celebrated globally on March 15.

"The theme reflects the increasing consumer concern on
genetically-engineered food products proliferating in the
marketplace. "As an occasion geared at fostering consumer
solidarity and common action, we urge consumer organisations and
other parties working for consumer interests in Malaysia and the
world to join CI in undertaking year-long campaigns and related
activities on genetic engineering on food and agriculture and its
implications for our lives," Consumers International Regional
Office for Asia and the Pacific food project officer Manny C.
Calonzo said.

He said senior officials and ministers of Agriculture and
Forestry of Asean nations who met in Brunei last October were
asked by NGOs - led by TWN - to confirm their commitment to
"sound science and sustainable agriculture and forest
management". The Consumers Association of Penang, he added, was
one of the main bodies at the conference which endorsed the NGO
statement calling for strong biosafety laws and policies in

More information can be obtained by either writing to
CI-ROAP, 250-A Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang
Phone: 04-2291396
Fax: 04-2286506


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