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3-Food: Japanese grain traders secure non-GE supply

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TITLE:  Japan trading companies to hike non-GM grain import
SOURCE: Nikkei Dow jones, edited by Agnet, Canada
DATE:   January 7, 2000

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Japan trading companies to hike non-GM grain import

TOKYO -- The Nihon Keizai Shimbun was cited as reporting in its
Friday evening edition that leading Japanese trading houses plan
to increase imports of non-genetically modified grains to meet
rising demand from food processors. From April 2001, some food
products will be required to indicate the use of GM ingredients
on their labels. With European food processors expanding imports
of non-GM grains from the U.S. and Latin America, some grain
market analysts predict severe competition over securing stable
sources of supply.

Mitsubishi Corp. will, the story says, ask contract growers of
non-GM soybeans, mainly in Iowa, Ohio, Michigan and other
Midwestern states, to double the amount of land under cultivation
from the year-earlier level to some 200,000 acres. Annual imports
of non-GM soybeans this year will also be doubled to 200,000

Marubeni Corp. will increase the number of soybean growers it
deals with through major U.S. grain dealer Archer Daniels Midland
(ADM) to 300 from the current 200. The trader has also signed
agreements with about 500 other farmers for non-GM soybean

Nissho-Iwai Co. will increase imports of non-GM soybeans from
China, which bans production of GM grains, to 50,000 tons in a
couple of years from the 30,000 tons last year. Nichimen Corp.
will follow suit through negotiations with China National
Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corp.

Japan imports 5 million tons, or 80% of the soybeans used in food
processing, from the U.S. A Nissho-Iwai official was cited as
saying that with the implementation of the GM-labeling law next
year, about one-fifth of such imports will be switched to non-GM
varieties this year. This may increase further if food processors
not affected by the new regulation begin to order non-GM


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