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3-Food: Hong Kong's Legislative Council called for GE food labelling

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TITLE:  Greenpeace aplauded Hong Konk to join the club of GE food
SOURCE: Greenepace China, Press Release
DATE:   January 5, 1999

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Greenpeace aplauded Hong Konk to join the club of GE food

Hong Kong, 5th January, 2000 - Greenpeace China today applauded a
land-sliding support in the Legislative Council for a motion
demanding the Government to set up a labeling system on GE food
drawing on the experience of the EU countries.

39 out of the 47 legislators presented voted for the motion. The
rest abstained. Greenpeace Campaigner Mr. Lo Sze Ping said, "the
over- whelming support of the legislators across the political
spectrum for a GE food labeling shows clearly that the Hong Kong
public is extremely concerned about what they are going to eat.
It is also an explicit opposition to the GovernmentŒs current
’Triple N0-policyŒ: No information, No safety testing, No

The motion debate is the climax of a raising public concern on GE
food in the turn of the century. On December 29th 1999, Vitasoy
International, a Hong Kong based soya product company, reaffirmed
their GE-free policy in response to an earlier Greenpeace
discovery of their Fresh Soya Milk containing GE ingredients.
Vitasoy is the first food producer in Hong Kong to have a public
announced GE-free policy. On January 3rd 2000, Greenpeace China
called the public to boycott Nestle products after finding their
Crunch Chocolate Bar containing GE soya. Following Pak Fook Fresh
Soya Milk and Pak Fook Beancurd Dessert, Crunch is the third
Nestle products founded to be genetically engineered. While
Nestle remained silent about their GE policy, the biggest
supermarket chain in Hong Kong, ParkN Shop, announced less then
24 hours later that they will stop using GE ingredients in their
home brands by the end of this year. They were sending 169
products, about 40% of their food products, including basic
groceries, snacks and beverage for testing of GE ingredients, and
promised to replace or remove those varieties found to contain

Hong Kong is the third in Asia to commit on a GE food labeling
system. Japan and South Korea have decided to have their labeling
system in place no later then early spring 2001. "If biotech
corporations like Monsanto think that the Asian public will be
silent about the secretive experiment of their food, they are now
proofed to be wrong. Selling GE products without informing
consumers is not going to work here, as it has not been working
in elsewhere."

For more information, please contact:

LO Sze Ping, campaigner, Greenpeace China (852-) 9043 0966

Luisa TAM, Press Officer, Greenpeace China (852-) 9096 7101

Isabelle Meister, Greenpeace international Genetic engineering
campaign office

phone: +41.1.4474195

fax: +41.1.4474199



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