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5-Animals: Swedish xenotransplantation report published

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TITLE:  Swedish xenotransplantation report published
SOURCE: Swedish Government website
        sent by Helena Pedersen, Animal Rights Sweden,
DATE:   December 30, 1999

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Swedish xenotransplantation report published

Från en art till en annan - transplantation från djur till
människa (SOU 1999:120, in Swedish)
part 1 + 2 (each 1,1Mb)

The report by the Swedish Xenotransplantation Committee published
last week proposes that strictly controlled clinical trials
should be allowed on a limited scale, starting approximately one
year from now. As the current regulatory system is
unsatisfactory, it is suggested that a specific
xenotransplantation regulatory system, based on precautionary
principles, should be introduced, which will include a special
decision process and a special "xeno register" as well as a
special "xeno bio bank".

This will make it possible to monitor xenotransplantation
patients for the rest of their lives. The Committee admits that
the risks of spreading contagious substances in connection with
xenotransplantation can not properly be judged today. An opinion
poll carried out by the Committee is said to show a positive view
on continued research on xenotransplantation, and "no massive
opposition" to xenotransplantation (if the results and risks are
the same as with transplantation from human beings!).

The Committee finds it unacceptable to use primates as a source
animal, but they may be used as recipients on a limited scale.
More research on recipient animals is needed before going into
the next phase. The report gives the impression that the welfare
of the animals used need not be seriously affected.

Sweden is said in the report to have a strong position in the
international xenotransplantation research field, and
international co-operation partners mentioned are Imutran
(Cambridge), laboratories in Leiden, Amsterdam, Paris, Nantes and
Grenoble, centra in Denmark and England, and Cyto Therapeutics,
Rhode Island (USA).


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