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7-Business: Potato processor McCain banned GE potatoes

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TITLE:  McCain blows cool on GM potatoes
SOURCE: Farmers Weekly
DATE:   December 3, 1999

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McCain blows cool on GM potatoes
Genetically modified potatoes are getting a firm thumbs down from
North America.

McCain Foods announced this week that it would not use
genetically modified crops in any of its products. The move is a
response to consumer demand rather than any problems with the
technology, a spokesperson stressed. US-based Burger King told
Farmers Weekly that although it has not banned GM foods, no GM
ingredients are used in its products, including French fries.
Achieving that would be difficult when crops have not been
segregated so far, reports Canadian journalist Stephen Leahy.

McDonalds may follow suit, suggests Fraser's Potato Newsletter in
Canada. Another of North America's biggest processors, Lamb
Weston, is believed to be using up all its GM supplies before the
year end, it adds. The anti-GM mood is a big blow to farmers in
Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick where potatoes are the
main crop and where the first GM potatoes were grown, notes Mr
Leahy. Producers had been increasingly turning to Monsanto's New
Leaf GM varieties to protect against Colorado beetle attack.


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