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2-Plants: Russian scientists announce own GE-crop trials

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TITLE:  Russian scientists test first domestic GM potato
SOURCE: Bridge News, by Oleg Kirsanov
        sent and edited by Agnet, Canada
DATE:   February 11, 2000

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Russian scientists test first domestic GM potato

Moscow -- Irina Solovyova, Deputy Director of the Russian Academy
of Sciences' Bioengineer Center, was cited as saying that Russian
scientists are holding tests on a genetically modified potato,
the first Russian modified crop variety, which is resistant to
the Colorado potato beetle, and might start to be used in 2001 if
the tests were successful., adding, "This is Russia's first
patented genetically modified potato. There are 2 more varieties
on which we are still working and we expect to patent them soon."
Solovyova added that the potato was being tested by a special
government commission which is entitled to include new varieties
in the official seed register, stating, "If the tests are
successful, the variety will be included to the register, which
opens way for farmers to plant it." The story notes that about a
half of Russian potato crops were damaged by the pest last year.
Solovyova said the center was also working on genetically
modified sunflower, rice and wheat varieties, but added they were
still in the initial stages of the development. 


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