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6-Genetech §§: Timing slips for Australasian GM food labelling

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TITLE:  Timing slips for Australasian GM food labelling
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   February 11, 2000

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Timing slips for Australasian GM food labelling

WELLINGTON - The completed Australia/New Zealand mandatory
labelling regime for genetically modified foods would be delayed
several months and finalised in May, New Zealand Health Minister
Annette King said yesterday. "It was hoped to finalise the
details early in 2000 but the ministers before my time asked for
further work to be done on cost implications," King told
parliament during question time. "A report on that is due in
March and is expected to be finalised and signed off in May this
year," she said. Australian and New Zealand health ministers last
October agreed in principle to mandatory labelling but were
concerned about labelling costs and the practicalities of food

"A decision is expected at the May meeting of ministers in
Canberra," King said. "One of the problems that happened just
before Christmas related to Mr Howard, the Prime Minister of
Australia, to look at food standards in a 'whole of government'
way which meant there were some issues that had not been resolved
between New Zealand and Australia but are the subject of
discussions this evening." King said she would be participating
in a ministerial tele-conference later on Thursday intended to
resolve outstanding issues.


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