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4-Patents: US company Diversa gains rights over Alaskan genetic resources

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TITLE:  Diversa corporation signs biodiversity access agreement
        gaining discovery rights in Alaskan wilderness
SOURCE: PRNewswire
DATE:   August 10, 2000

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Diversa corporation signs biodiversity access agreement gaining 
discovery rights in Alaskan wilderness

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Diversa Corporation today 
announced the signing of an agreement with Arctos Pharmaceuticals, 
Inc. giving Diversa rights to discover genes and commercialize 
products from samples extracted from habitats in Alaska and 
neighboring territories. This region contains a variety of unique 
Arctic and boreal ecosystems including dense rainforests, permafrost 
and alpine tundra, mountains, estuaries, lakes, geothermal springs, 
and extensive coastline, as well as significant volcanic and 
hydrothermal activity in locations throughout the state. Diversa will 
support sample collection efforts and pay royalties on Diversa's 
revenues from any products developed from samples provided. Through 
this agreement, Diversa gains access to environments covered by 
agreements Arctos has signed over the last five years with Alaskan 
landholding Native corporations, individuals, and other entities. 
Arctos shares Diversa's commitment to supporting the conservation of 
biological diversity and equitable sharing of benefits.

"Diversa pioneered direct DNA access from the environment for the 
identification of novel genes. Its unparalleled legal access to 
biodiversity and proprietary ultra-high throughput discovery and 
evolution technologies have the potential to displace traditional 
culturing methods for gene discovery," stated Jay M. Short, Ph.D., 
President and CEO of Diversa. "The speed and efficiency of Diversa's 
gene-based discovery is yielding a valuable product pipeline and 
Diversa recognizes that the countries of origin should benefit from 
the value contained in their ecosystems."

The Alaskan environments offer excellent opportunities to expand 
Diversa's discovery of unique, high-performance compounds with 
potential product applications ranging from pharmaceutical to 
consumer products. The microorganisms that live in these unique 
environments produce novel bioactive compounds that have potential 
value as new pharmaceutical drug candidates or high-performance 
enzymes. The agreement with Arctos is part of Diversa's global 
biodiversity access network, which is based on agreements with Costa 
Rica, Bermuda, Indonesia, Yellowstone National Park, Mexico and the 
Meadowlands. Within this network, Diversa is fostering capacity-
building by providing research support and training.

Diversa Corporation is a global leader in developing and applying 
proprietary technologies to discover and evolve novel genes and gene 
pathways from diverse environmental sources. Diversa is utilizing its 
fully integrated approach to develop novel enzymes and other 
biologically active compounds, such as small molecule drugs. 
Diversa's proprietary evolution technologies facilitate the 
optimization of genes found in nature to enable product solutions for 
the pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical processing, and industrial 
markets. Within these broad markets, Diversa is targeting key multi-
billion dollar market segments where the company believes its 
technologies and products will create high value and competitive 
advantages for strategic partners and customers. Diversa's strategic 
partners are market leaders and include The Dow Chemical Company, 
Novartis Seeds AG, Novartis Agribusiness Biotechnology Research, 
Inc., Aventis Animal Nutrition S.A., Invitrogen Corporation and 
Danisco Cultor.

Statements in this press release that are not strictly historical are 
"forward-looking" and involve a high degree of risk and uncertainty. 
These include statements related to the scope of Arctos 
Pharmaceutical Inc.'s access agreements, the potential displacement 
of traditional culturing methods, the development of the company's 
product pipeline, and the characteristics of any compounds that may 
result from the company's use of the samples, all of which are 
prospective. Such statements are only predictions, and the actual 
events or results may differ materially from those projected in such 
forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause or contribute to 
differences include, but are not limited to, risks involved with the 
company's new and uncertain technologies, risks associated with the 
company's dependence on patents and proprietary rights, risks 
associated with the company's protection and enforcement of its 
patents and proprietary rights and the company's dependence on 
existing strategic alliances and access to rights and technologies of 
third parties and the development or availability of competitive 
products or technologies. These factors and others are more fully 
described in the company's Registration Statement on Form S-1, filed 
as of December 16, 1999, as amended. These forward-looking statements 
speak only as of the date hereof. The company expressly disclaims any 
intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements.



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