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6-Regulation: Monsanto biotech seeds blocked by Brazil court

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TITLE:  Monsanto biotech seeds blocked by Brazil court
SOURCE: Wall Street Journal, USA, by Scott Kilman and Matt Moffett
        edited and sent by Agnet, Canada
DATE:   August 8, 2000

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Monsanto biotech seeds blocked by Brazil court

A Brazilian appeals court was cited as blocking Monsanto Co. from 
selling genetically modified seed to that nation's soybean farmers, 
closing for another year what is potentially a huge market for crop 
biotechnology. The story says that a three-judge appeals panel in the 
Brazilian capital of Brasilia yesterday upheld a lower court's order 
blocking the commercialization of Monsanto's seed.

The story adds that the judges still have to rule on the merits of 
the case, in which a consumer group is trying to force the government 
to do more testing on genetically modified seeds before approving 
their use. But the judges' decision signals that they think the 
government's approval process is probably unconstitutional.

Monsanto, the agricultural unit of drug maker Pharmacia Corp., 
Peapack, N.J., was cited as saying it is considering just how to 
appeal the decision. The problem for Monsanto is that the legal fight 
is now between the courts and the executive branch. Monsanto 
spokesman Gary Barton was quoted as saying, "We've done everything to 
comply with the laws and regulations of the Brazilian authorities." 
The ruling effectively eliminates any chance that Monsanto can get 
its seeds into the hands of Brazilian farmers in time for the 
planting season. 


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