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6-Regulation: New web page on national biosafety frameworks in CEE countries

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TITLE:  New web page on national biosafety frameworks in CEE countries
SOURCE: sent by Huib de Vriend, Consument & Biotechnologie
        The Netherlands,
DATE:   July 1, 2000

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Dear GENET-news readers,

recently (28 July), a special website for biosafety in Central and 
Eastern Europe (CEE) has opened:, by which 
information is open to the public. This website has been developed by 
the Steering Committee of the UNEP "Multi-year programme for capacity 
building and regional cooperation on safety in biotechnology in 
Central and Eastern Europe" in co-operation with the participating 
countries. The members of the Steering Committee are: 

- Prof. Atanas Atanassov, Bulgaria
- Prof. Ervin Balázs, Hungary (Chairman)
- Dr. Alexander Golikov, Russian Federation
- Dr. Biserka Strel, Slovenia
- Prof. Tomasz Twardowski, Poland

The countries in CEE are in various stages of developing and 
implementing their national biosafety frameworks. Summaries of the 
current state of play, where possible completed with translations of 
existing or draft legislation and contact information, are presented 
in this web site for the following countries: 

- Bulgaria 
- Czech Republic 
- Hungary 
- Romania 
- Slovak Republic 

Since the first CEE Biosafety conference that was organised by 
Austria and the Netherlands in 1995, 4 more conferences have been 
organised. In December 2000 the Czech Ministry of Environment will 
organise the 6th meeting. More information about the program is 
available at:


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