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3-Food: South Korean food processor stops using GE soybeans

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TITLE:  Pulmuone to stop using GM beans
SOURCE: The Korea Herald, by Shin Hye-son
DATE:   July 28, 2000

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Pulmuone to stop using GM beans

Pulmuone, the nation's largest maker of tofu and soybean products, 
announced yesterday that it would stop using genetically modified 
(GM) beans. "Considering the heated debate over the safety of 
genetically modified organisms, we decided not to use GM beans in our 
tofu and bean sprout products beginning next month," the company said 
in a press release distributed yesterday. In order to prevent itself 
from being embroiled in further GMO controversies, the company also 
said that it had repeatedly visited non-GM-bean-cultivating complexes 
in major import sources such as China, Russia and the United States. 
All processes at these complexes, from cultivation to transportation, 
were carefully checked, Pulmuone added. Pulmuone suffered a 
significant drop in sales after the Korea Consumer Protection Board 
disclosed last November that the company used GM beans in the 
majority of its tofu products produced and sold in Korea.  Following 
the report, the company filed a suit against the consumer protection 
agency, demanding 10.6 billion won in damages. The case is currently 
being tried.


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