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3-Food: Nestle-Spain unit bans GM foods

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TITLE:  Nestle-Spain unit bans GM foods
SOURCE: Reuters, by David Brough
DATE:   May 26, 1999

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LISBON -- Mercedes Mata, a spokewoman for the Spanish subsidiary
of Nestle SA was cited as saying today that the company has
banned use of genetically modified (GM) ingredients due to
consumer concerns over possible health risks, adding, "Nestle's
Spanish subsidiary does not authorise the use of genetically
modified ingredients in its products. If we could not guarantee
that a product did not include GM ingredients, we would withdraw
the product." She added that Nestle Espana had told its suppliers
in recent months that they must certify that ingredients were not
genetically modified and that the Spanish subsidiary of the
Swiss-based group, which adopted its position on GM foods
independently of other Nestle units, had its own laboratories to
verify that its suppliers were providing GM-free ingredient. Mata
was further quoted as saying, "The priority for Nestle Espana is
the consumer. We are sticking to this policy because we believe
that there is concern among consumers in the street."


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