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6-Gentech §§: Germany seeks GMO approval compromise in EU

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TITLE:  Germany seeks GMO approval compromise
SOURCE: Reuters, by Michael Mann
sent by AGNET, Canada
DATE:   May 26, 1999

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BRUSSELS -- The European Union's German presidency was cited as
calling on Wednesday for the approval procedure for new
genetically modified organisms to be streamlined in an effort to
broker a compromise next month on plans to revise the way new
crops are released onto the market. The story says that in a
paper discussed by EU diplomats, the German government backed the
European Parliament's call for new products to be licensed for an
initial 12-year period rather than the seven years originally
proposed by acting EU Environment Commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard.
German Environment Minister Juergen Trittin wants the paper to
form the basis of an agreement at a meeting of the 15 EU
environment ministers in Luxembourg on June 24 and 25.  The story
says that the German paper, drawn up on the basis of
consultations with other EU governments and the parliament's
first reading last year, streamlines the complex authorisations
procedures for new GMOs. It says new crops should initially be
approved for 12 years, after which licences should be renewed for
an unspecified length of time "as appropriate." It also proposes
"appropriate emergency measures" for when a product is found to
be dangerous in some way. It suggests increased public
consultation for experimental GMO releases and gives the EU
Commission scope to consult any of its scientific committees if
it is concerned about any aspect of a new crop.


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