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5-Animals: Monsanto and GENSEL work together in sperm sexing technology

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TITLE:  GENSEL Announces Collaborative Research Agreement With
SOURCE: Business Wire via NewsEdge Corporation
DATE:   May 20, 1999

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GENSEL Announces Collaborative Research Agreement With Monsanto 

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE) via NewsEdge Corporation -- GENSEL
Biotechnologies Ltd. announced today that it has entered into a
collaborative research agreement with Monsanto Company of St.
Louis, Missouri. Under this agreement, Monsanto's Animal
Agricultural Group will carry out research into certain aspects
of the sperm sexing technology under development by GENSEL for
use in cattle and swine. The agreement provides Monsanto with a
right for an exclusive license to the technology for use in
cattle in the United States and Mexico. This follows two other
strategic agreements announced by GENSEL on April 9, 1999 with
Genus plc and Ridley Inc. Dr. Jeremy Gawen, GENSEL's President
and CEO commented: "I am very pleased indeed that Monsanto has
shown such interest in our sperm sexing technology and is
prepared to assist us in bringing it to the marketplace."

Monsanto Company is a life sciences company committed to finding
solutions to the growing global needs for food and health by
developing and sharing various advanced forms of science and
technology among agriculture, nutrition and health. The company's
30,000 employees worldwide make and market high-value
agricultural products, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients.
GENSEL Biotechnologies Ltd. is an agricultural biotechnology
company, based in Guelph, Ontario and is developing sperm sexing
technology invented at the University of Guelph. The technology
will allow animal breeders and producers to pre-select the sex of
offspring prior to conception. The company's shares are listed on
the Alberta Stock Exchange under the symbol GSB. The Alberta
Stock Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved the
information contained herein.

CONTACT: GENSEL Biotechnologies Ltd., Toronto
David Henderson
TEL: 519/824-4120 ext 6112
FAX: 519/827-1464


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