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2-Plants: BASF/SW expansion plans

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BASF/SW announce expansion plans

The new genetech breeding alliance between Germany's BASF and Sweden's Svalöf
Weibull today has combined seed sales of 150 MUSD, but plans are to reach 500
MUSD within a few years. This will be achieved partly through adding new partners
to the group, says SW CEO Sten Moberg in an interview with Swedish farm journal
ATL (10 April 1999).

BASF bought 40 per cent of SW stock early this year, and the two companies are
pooling their genetech breeding activities in a joint venture called BASF Plant

Moberg does not mention specific candidates for partnership, but notes that SW
has its strength in cereals and rapeseed, lacking competence in maize, sugarbeet,
sunflower and soybeans. The most probable scenario therefore, he observes, is the
addition of both one European and one American company to the group.

Regarding breeding goals, Moberg speculates that BASF Plant Sciences within ten
years will have "a hybrid wheat which is herbicide resistant and perhaps we have
put another few gene constructs in it, for example fungal resistance, a few
quality genes too, perhaps something that affects yield".

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