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2-Plants: Brazil clears sales of Monsanto Roundup Ready soy

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TITLE:  Brazil clears sales of Monsanto Roundup Ready soy
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   May 17, 1999, 1999

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SAO PAULO -- A spokesman at the Agriculture Ministry was cited as
saying today that Brazil officially ended its ban on the
commercial planting of genetically-modified crops on Monday by
approving the sale of Roundup Ready soybean seeds produced by the
local arm of U.S. life sciences giant Monsanto Co., adding, 
"Starting today (Monday), they can produce and sell five
varieties of Roundup Ready seeds. I do not have any other
technical information right now." The story says that the long
awaited announcement closes months of legal footwork by Monsanto
officials, who have been cutting through red-tape to clear sales
of the transgenic crop since it won safety approval from the
government last September. The story further says that Officials
at Monsanto did not immediately return phone calls but that in
previous interviews, company executives estimated that within
three years, Roundup Ready soybeans will cover half of Brazil's
13-million-hectare soybean crop, the world's second largest.
Roundup Ready still faces opposition from a loose association of
farmers in Brazil's top three producing states, who fear they
will lose business to transgenic-weary European consumers.


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