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3-Food: Cargill sees greater role for GM foods in Asia

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TITLE:  Cargill sees greater role for GM foods in Asia
SOURCE: Reuters, by Kenneth Barry
DATE:   May 17, 1999, 1999

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Cargill sees greater role for GM foods in Asia

HONG KONG - Ernest Micek, chairman and chief executive of Cargill
Inc, was cited assaying today that genetically modified (GM)
foods will play a greater role feeding the growing populations of
Asia and Latin America, because of the pressures of growing
populations, finite farm land and the need to preserve the
environment, adding, "We are going to need high intensity farming
and genetically modified plants as part of that solution." Micek
was further cited as saying that as the research and development
of GM products advances, consumers can be shown their benefits
and will droptheir resistance, adding, "You could have GM
oilseeds that produce a healthier oil that is less saturated,
more stable and better tasting. These are traits that the
consumer will recognize and accept." Cargill expects its joint
venture with Monsanto of the United States to produce GM products
in three to seven years, beginning in North America but expanding
to other regions, Micek added.


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