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4-Patents: Request from India

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Dear friends,
I have been appointed by the Indian Law Institute Kerala Chapter under the auspices of the Honorable High Court of Kerala to conduct a research on the subject of patenting ayurvedic formulations:

Would be kind enough to comment on the following questions:
1. Ayurveda and Patent law two subject separated by several
   thousand years ..
   Can the latter regulate the former ?
   If not, how can legitimate Indian intellectual rights be
   protected from the emerging global markets ?
2. Out of 150 and odd works on Ayurveda how many are available
   today ?
3. Is patenting of Ayurvedic formulations advantageous to India
   in the future ?
4. Does your organization know of any patents in Ayurvedic
   formulations ?
   Do you have a portfolio of crucial formulations that are
   patent pending ?
5. Can you suggest those important formulations that require
   protection from global expropriation ?
6. In the context of pre-empting infringers from patenting would
   it not be better to patent the essential Ayurvedic
   formulations from the stand point of 'just in time' rather
   than from the stand point of 'Just in case' ?
7. What steps are your organization members taking to maintain an
   innovative pace and preventing of unscrupulous external
   competition from stealing a march over Indian concepts on
   materia medica ?
   What steps are you taking to improve efficacy quality and
   manufacturing practices ?
   What is the level of research and development facilities
   available with your organisation ?
8. Can you cite examples of successes in exploiting Ayurvedic
   formulations globally ?
9. What steps are your people taking to legally protect bio
   diversified plant varieties and organisms ?
10.Comment on the literature available on the subject of Ayurveda
11.Suggest a single most important global strategy for successful
   exploitation and protection of Ayurvedic formulations ?

I will be most grateful if you can answer these questions as your answers will enable tangible steps to be taken by our nation to protect and secure Ayurveda.

Respectful regards 

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