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3-Novel Foods Antibiotic resistance

Title: 3-Novel Foods Antibiotic resistance

Did anybody try to get to the webpage of MAFF about antibiotic resistance marker gene in cotton the latest GENET news (nr.4) is referring to? And did anybody try to get from there back to the homepage? Strange thing is: we did succeed in getting to the page concerning the antibiotic resistance advice of the ACNFP, which is apparantly written by Mr. Heritage (it says: "I am not as concerned......" and "....leads me to believe...."). However, we did not succeed in getting back to a homepage from there on several attempts to find the exact location and date of the advice. Just try, and you'll see...

It makes us kind of suspicious. What does this look like? Has the paper been withdrawn by MAFF and/or ACNFP? Has anybody a clue?

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