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Dear GENET-news readers,

at the last GENET-member meeting in April 1999 it was decided to issue the GENET-mail-out every three weeks starting on April 30, 1999. With the concept of the mail-out as our third form of email communication beside GENET-news and GENET-forum we reacted on the wishes of many GENET-news subscribers to channel the information flow into a condensed and easy-to-handle publication.

GENET-mail-out will contain brief informations on recent important topics in the field of genetic engineering in animal and plant breeding, agriculture and food production. For further reading we provide you with relevant references to past messages sent with GENET-news. You can access these messages by visiting the GENET-archive at <>.

With this new information concept GENET wants to attract new groups of subscribers. We especially focus on those people who show interest in informations on genetic engineering but cannot afford to spend the time to work with GENET-news. In order to achieve this goal we will build up an exclusive subscription list posting the GENET-mail-out. Of course, we will further provide the GENET-news subscribers with the mail-out.

The third GENET-list will send the mail-out as attached word6.0-file and as plain email text. GENET-mail-out will not exeed two pages (font: Arial 11 pt, line spacing: 16 pt, margins: 2 cm, paper size: 210x297 mm). 

Please, pass the GENET-mail-outs to all interested persons and inform them about the possibility to subscribe to the new list. Subscriptions have to be sent to <>.

Hartmut Meyer


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