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Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 16:39:47 +0300
From: hh <>
Subject: About nanobacters 

About bisnes, nanobacters and Book of Life

Forgive me my not so god english and not so eksact information or correct consepts. Yesterday I got for me new information about "nanobakters", which has been found and some (modified?) also patented by some persons in Universtity of Kuopio. This category "nanobakters" means lifeform which is in smaller scale and is propably smaller also by its genome. The researcer from Kuopio University , Department of Bioteckonology  with his group has been making studies also with somehow modified nanobakters. Becouse  of  the character of nanobakters as a newly found lifegroup, there is at now at all or just very little of knowledge about their role in evolution or in ecosystems.  

The man told that nanobakters produce somekind of dolomitewall around cellgroups. And by this way there come those stones in kidneys. And for those who happen to have somekind of "genemistake" this can be letal. There is many other hypotesis of deseases caused by these bacters.

He told that they are now producing and patenting some medicins which are developed for these nanobakters.  

He also answered that there exist not even the biological basic knowledge about their ways of reproducing and spreading.

-Is there some ones in this room who could have nanobacters in their body, I asked in the discussion after his lecture and representation.
- Surely. About 10 procent has.  
- And how it spreads, which is its spreading mechanism?
- We dont know. One of us got this nanobacter to eyes and was infected.
He told about their eksperiments to find protection against deseaces of the nanobacters and promised some mixture to be patented and in production in near times. They are patenting medicins, but against what and in whichkind of world? The doctor answered to believe that there is probably  much more small scale lifeforms to be found.  

As I understood this man was making bisnes by patenting nanobacters and patenting medisins against them.  There is also collaboration with companies and laboratories in Usa.

I would like  about all corrections to above written and more information about situation is also needed.  

As a citizen of the area I regard the activity dangerous without real understanding about the basic nature of the "nanobacters" and suggest that if there is even possibility of escaping of the modified material from this kind of studies and experiments, studies of modification should not do in this level of knowledge.

The question is the same by the risks of geneticmodified material in all lifelevels and forms: We have learned the alfabetics and now we are founding the words (=genes). But we cannot yet read. The Book of Life is for us to day as closed as the books are for those people who cannot read and write.

In this situation there should not be any suspection about the justification of genetic modification. You would not give your manuscript to be edited by tree years age baby?  Why would we allow to manipulate the words of genetic lifestory by genetics who cannot yet ewen read the Book of Life?

Hannu Hyvonen
The member of Genegroup of Runni in Finland

Kihmulankatu 41
74130 Iisalmi

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