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1.- More on Human Growth Hormones

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I have had several replies to my posting on the US advert for HGH. 
>From Pr. Gilles-Eric Séralini, Laboratoire de Biochimie & Biologie Moléculaire, 
Université de Caen 
"If it is human growth hormone and if it is organic, it has been purified out of bodies, with a known risk of Creutzfeld Jakob disease. HGH is synthesized since a long time by transgenic bacteria or yeasts for medical purposes, very small children for instance. In free distribution, it should have expectable side effects"

Similarly, from Mae Wan Ho "I believe it is genetically engineered in bacteria. There was a controversy about the company pushing it for short children, even those who do not have low levels of circulating growth hormone. They are merely repackaging it now as anti-aging. There have already been many side effects caused by the abuse of the readily available ge hormone. Someone should look further in it.
Sounds like a fraud to me. Of course, you can always depend on the FDA to approve something like that."
and from Karin Schwartz (BUND-Florstadt)
"Please remember the testified cases of transmitted
Kreutzfeld-Jakob-desease (mortal) in cases of therapy of "small people" with "natural" HGH claimed out of the brains of dead persons,  carrying the desease during the incubation of the illness. As the "therapy" with natural HGH was a scandal there could be supposed, that the new hormone is produced by GE bacteria or other species."

 Since the advert claims that it has been used in Europe and the United States for approximately 15 years with amazing results, I have faxed the company to see if their product is on the market here.

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