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1-Hormones: EU claims a U.S. beef growth hormone is carcinogenic

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TITLE:  EU claims a U.S. beef growth hormone is carcinogenic
SOURCE: Congress Daily, US, by Jerry Hagstrom
DATE:   May 3, 1999

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Dear GENET-news readers,
below mentioned steroid hormones are not connected with genetic engineering. I posted this message to illustrate what might happen in future when a prolongation of the European moratorium on or even ban of rBST (recombinant protein hormone) or the labelling under the EU Novel Food Directive face a WTO challenge. At least the second part of the message fits into GENET-news!

The EU opinion on these steroid hormones can be read at:

Hartmut Meyer


EU Claims A U.S. Beef Growth Hormone Is Carcinogenic

Responding to reports today that the European Union Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures said the hormone 17 beta- oestradiol, one of the six growth hormones used in U.S. beef, can cause cancer, Special Trade Negotiator for Agriculture Peter Scher said today in a telephone interview "it is interesting" that such a finding emerged just 10 days before the EU must comply with a World Trade Organization ruling that they cannot keep U.S. beef out of Europe on health grounds. "They come with a study that they claim is new, but it is the same old arguments that they have made time and time again. The EU tries anything they can find to avoid complying with their obligations," he said. Scher noted the hormone in question had been approved by the FDA and the Agriculture Department in conjunction with sound veterinary practices. A spokeswoman for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association said the organization had not yet seen the study.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Secretary Glickman late last week warned students and professors at Purdue University not to put "all of our eggs in the biotech basket," and compared enthusiasm for biotech to past enthusiasms for nuclear energy and Asian financial markets. In a speech delivered Thursday and released by the Agriculture Department over the weekend, Glickman said that, while "biotechnology can be an indispensable tool ... we have to be careful about ratcheting up the expectations on some of these technologies. ... We have a way in this country of latching on to solutions, pursuing them to the exclusion of others, and then watching them sometimes backfire." Noting that two British grocery chains last week said they will attempt to eliminate products with genetically modified ingredients, Glickman also told the Purdue audience that "we can't force these genetically engineered food products down people's throats," and said U.S. manufacturers of genetically modified organisms!
 have a responsibility to educate foreign buyers and consumers.


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