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3-Food: UK chocolate company Cadbury abandons gene soya

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TITLE:  Cadbury abandons gene soya
SOURCE: The Times, UK, by Nick  Nuttall
DATE:   April 30, 1999

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Cadbury abandons gene soya

The giant confectionery firm Cadbury announced yesterday that it would no longer use genetically  modified ingredients in its  products in response to public concern. The company said that it was  now buying soya lecithin, an emulsifier used in chocolate making, from  conventionally grown crops in Europe. Cadbury's announcement follows others by Tesco, Unilever and Nestle this week that they would not use  genetically  modified ingredients. A spokesman for Cadbury said that the company used soya lecithin in a small number of products. "We use it in dark chocolate but not milk chocolate," he said. Cadbury lines that contain soya lecithin include Bourneville
 chocolate, Butterscotch Brittle and Top Deck chocolate. British chocolate uses more milk solids than European chocolates. 


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