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7-Misc: genetiX snowball "handbook for action" as download

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TITLE:  genetiX snowball "handbook for action" as download
SOURCE: Werner Reisberger,
DATE:   May 3, 1999

----------------- archive: ------------------ (Peter M. Ligotti) wrote:

In support of those who put themselves at risk opposing Monsanto, I am making available archived electronic copies of the genetiX Handbook by e-mail, for both Macintosh and Windows users.

The Handbook is mirrored at

You can also download it from there as a single zip file.

Disclaimer: Though I am mirroring this document doesn't neccessarily mean
            that I agree with all opinions expressed therein. The action 
            Monsanto have been taken against this book is once again an
            attempt to stiffle opposition to GE by restricting free speech.



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