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7-Misc: Pioneer buys Brazilian soy breeder Dois Marcos

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By Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Contact: Tim Martin of Pioneer, +1-515-334-6837

Iowa, March 22 (PRNewswire) - Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., 
announced it has acquired Dois Marcos, a soybean seed breeding and 
marketing company, located in Cristalina, Brazil. Dois Marcos, a small 
regional company, established a soybean-breeding program in 1987 in the 
Brazilian state of Goias. The Cristalina area of Goias is recognized as a 
region well suited for soybean breeding. The company has been marketing 
commercial soybean varieties for two years in the Cerrado area of Brazil.

Purchase price and details of the acquisition were not disclosed. "We 
will utilize the germplasm developed in Brazil, by Dois Marcos, to 
enhance our soybean lines worldwide," said Rick McConnell, Pioneer senior 
vice president for research and product development. "We continue to 
improve the disease and pest resistance of our soybean varieties. This 
germplasm along with our other genetic enhancement technologies improves 
our ability to do that." Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. is the 
world's leading supplier of agricultural genetics and is the leading 
developer and integrator of agricultural technology. Headquartered in Des 
Moines, Iowa, Pioneer develops, produces, and markets a full line of 
seeds, forage and grain additives and services to grain and livestock 
producers, grain processors and other customers worldwide.

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