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2-Plants: Two good news from Holland

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Two good news from Holland

by Wytze de Lange
Dutch Genetech Platform
March 31, 1999


Though not officially published yet it is by now certain that the Dutch Pesticide Board will not make any change in the policy regarding the use of glufosinate ammonium (active ingredient of the herbicide Liberty of the German company AgrEvo). This means that glufosinate ammonium may only be used in the early stages of the crop's growing and that the crop needs to be protected. Consequence is that any GE crop using glufosinate ammonium cannot be commercially grown! It is expected that GE companies will appeal to the decision, but for now it is good news.

A second good news is that two campaigners who fight field trials in court have recently won their third case. A field trial by VanderHave Company (a seed company who in a joint venture with Zeneca form Advanta, the 5th biggest seed company in the world!) with GE sunflowers has been opposed to. The campaigners filed suit at the Dutch Council of States because VanderHave did not apply for a specific plant that had been developed but applied for the use of 40 genes to be used in different combinations in sunflower.

Basically VanderHave already had permission for this but wanted to extend the permission with one more gene. It is at this point still unclear whether the whole field trial has been cancellled or that only the extension will not be allowed. It looks like the whole trial is off. As soon as the Council of States gives all details we will post it to the lists.

The campaigners have now won 3 cases of the 3 that have been before the Council of States. They still have another 20 or so cases to come up. The campaigners are Lilly Eysten and Han van der Meulen from Amsterdam. They started opposing field trials three years ago. They are doing a great job and are inspiring to all of us here.

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