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2-Plants: Monsanto stopped Brazil's marketing restictions for RR soybean seed

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March 26, 1999

Brazil's Monsanto Says Biotech Soy Intervention Overruled

SAO PAULO -- Monsanto do Brasil Ltda., the Brazilian subsidiary of U.S. Monsanto Co., said Friday that it has obtained a court injunction allowing it to proceed with its biotech "Roundup Ready" soy crop. In a written statement Friday, Monsanto said that, following the injunction, it will now be able to harvest, plant, and store genetically modified soybeans seeds. As reported, the government of Rio Grande do Sul Friday last week intervened in a 460-hectare plantation of genetically modified soybeans run by Monsanto do Brasil.
Earlier that week, Rio Grande do Sul notified the company that it was operating irregularly, as all companies working on research involving genetically modified organisms must first obtain a license from the executive branch of the state. Monsanto do Brasil plans to market widely in Brazil its "Roundup Ready" soybean seeds from mid-1999. Monsanto said its "Roundup Ready" genetically modified soybeans allow use of lower levels of herbicide and increase crop productivity an average 2.5 (60-kilogram) bags per hectare.
Rio Grande do Sul governor Olivio Dutra, of the leftist Workers' Party, signed a decree March 3 obliging companies working on genetically modified organisms to first obtain a license. This cast some risk over prospects for Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" soybeans in the state. Monsanto expects that 2%-4% of Brazil's 2000 soy crop area will be planted with genetically altered seeds. This figure represents the potential yield from 300,000-400,000 planted hectares.

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