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4-Food: COMMENT on ISBNews_99.03/Lactose_free_milk

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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 23:01:46 +0200
From: wytze <>


Besides the doubt on some points mentioned in the study on lactose 
intolerance, (70% of people suffer from this?) I would also like to point 
to another  way of solving the problem. Raw milk contains the enzyme 
lactase by itself. For several reasons milk is being pasteurized, a 
process in which the enzyme is killed. In many regions in the world 
however and it seems to a higher degree among the more lactose deficient 
vulnerable peoples mentioned, raw milk is still consumed.    In the mean 
time, if lactose-intolerance is so significant, than it must be said that 
those despised macro-biotics had a point all along.

(personally I am not a macro-biotic but I don't despise them).


Wytze de Lange
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