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Healthy Planet Forum - London - June 99

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>Please feel free to circulate widely through your networks Information is
also available in German, French, Spanish and Russian.
>The Healthy Planet Forum will offer a unique opportunity for NGOs,
professionals, and voluntary organisations from across Europe to meet to
discuss issues relating to health and the environment. The Healthy Planet
Forum is the parallel event to the WHO Third Ministerial Conference on
Environment and Health (see below). It will provide a place for NGOs
involved in the issues coming up at the ministerial conference to discuss
those issues and related matters and to agree common strategies.
>oA conference for NGOs on the day before the Ministerial Conference opens 
>oA public rally 
>oA full day conference on 16 June: New Perspectives for the Public Sector
in the Great Hall oA Food Summit on 17 June in the Great Hall 
>oAn ongoing policy forum, reflecting issues being discussed in the
>Ministerial Conference oA full exhibition area 
>oA range of events organised by interested organisations
>oA programme of films, meetings, seminars and workshops, aimed at the
public as well as professionals. 
>oAn NGO event on 15 June deciding on an NGO declaration; 
>oA New Perspectives conference for the public sector, for both local
government and health service bodies on 16 June 
>oA Food Summit Conference on 17 June oA Beyond London Conference on 18 June. 
>UNED-UK is keen to hear from organisations who would like to help develop
any of these events or which has ideas for other events. Supporters now
include: ICLEI (the International Council for Local Environmental
Initiatives), the European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign, the
International Federation for Environmental Health, Union for International
Organisations (Belgium), the International Society of Doctors for the
Environment, ANPED (the Northern Alliance for Sustainability), GAP -
International, and the European EcoForum. 
>The Healthy Planet Forum is supported by the European Commission DGXI.
>To register your interest on-line, visit
>Or send an email to Bjorg Sandkjar at Some
funding will be available to fund the participation of organisations who
would not be able to attend otherwise. 
>The WHO will hold the largest conference yet seen in Europe on Environment
and Health in London from 16-18 June 1999. It will be attended by
Environment and Health and some Transport Ministers from 51 European
nations, representing some 890 million citizens. The Conference will
consider the development and implementation of National Environmental Health
Action Plans (NEHAPs). The London Conference will also be unique because it
will be the first European WHO conference at which non-governmental
organisations will have a role to play. (see above) 
>All of which will feed into the London Ministerial Declaration
>oProtocol on Fresh Water and Health 
>oCharter on Transport, Environment and Health 
>oHealth Effects of Climate Change 
>oThe Environment and Children's Health 
>oA Policy Guidance Document on Good Practice in Health, Environment and
>Safety Management 
>oActing on the Challenge of Integration: Economics, Environment and Health 
>oThe Public as Partners in Environment and Health Action 
>oLocal Processes for Environment and Health Action 
>oImplementing National Environmental Health Action Plans (NEHAPS) in
Partnership oChanging Environment for Better Health: Research Needs The
ministerial documents are available on line at
>NGOs and other major groups are preparing their own declaration in response
to the WHO Ministerial declaration. This will cover areas the Ministers will
address in London, as well as areas they are not discussing. If you would
like to be involved in this project, have ideas on what it should contain,
or would like to find out more about any of the policy issues, please contact:
>Richard Grahn 
>UNED-UK is preparing a Europe-wide directory of Environment and Health
>organisations to facilitate sharing best practice and networking which will
>be launched at the London conference. To include your organisation contact,
>Rowshan Hannan
>The Healthy Planet Forum is being run by UNED-UK, a UK NGO set up in 1992
to work on all aspects of sustainable development. For the last year UNED-UK
has been working with groups and networks across Europe and in the UK to
build interest and support for the Forum and actively seeks input from all
sectors of society.
>UN Association
>3 Whitehall Court 
>London SW1A 2EL
>T       + 44 171 839 7171
>F       + 44 171 930 5893
>Preliminary Programme for the Healthy Planet Forum
>Date	 Time	Event	Where
>Every day	9.00-18.00	Exhibition	Ground floor
>15/6	 9.30-12.30	Briefing on Ministerial conference issues	Westminster Room
(cap. 200)
>15/6	9.30-12.30	Social Exclusion and health (seminar)	Media Room (cap. 150)
>15/6	9.30-12.30	Women, gender, environment and health (seminar)	Assembly
Room (cap. 150)
>15/6	14.00-17.00	Conference and discussion of NGO declaration	Great Hall
(cap. up to 1000)
>16/6	08.00-09.00	Policy caucus	Westminster Room
>16/6	10.00-17.00	"Building Healthy Communities" (conference, pre-book)
Great Hall
>16/6	AM	Child health seminar	Westminster Room
>17/6	08.00-09.00	Policy Caucus	Westminster Room
>17/6	10.00-17.00	Food Summit (pre-book)	Great Hall
>17/6	9.30 - 13.30	Water and health seminar	Westminster Room 
>17/6	evening	Public rally	Great Hall
>18/6	08.00-09.00	Policy caucus	Westminster Room
>18/6	AM	Transport, environment and health	Great Hall
>18/6	PM	Beyond London - what now?	Great Hall

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