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2-Plants: Deliberate releases of GMO in Portugal

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Reuters 03/15,1999

LISBON - Portugal has approved applications to grow genetically modified 
(GM) crops experimentally, a government spokesman said. The Environment 
and Health Ministries approved applications last year from a Portuguese 
laboratory to grow GM potatoes experimentally, as well as requests from 
some foreign biotechnology companies to grow GM maize, the spokesman 
said. Jorge Fernandes of the Environment Ministry told Reuters that the 
Portuguese laboratory had cultivated GM potatoes at an agricultural 
college in Santarem, north of Lisbon. He added that GM maize resistant to 
herbicides and insecticides had been cultivated by companies including 
Monsanto, Novartis, Pioneer and AgrEvo in various locations in mainland 
Portugal. Fernandes said the experiments had been completed and that the 
Portuguese government had not received any applications this year to grow 
GM crops experimentally. 

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