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Transgenic carnation

Title: Transgenic carnation

I've seen several articles in the press concerning the marketing of a genetically engineered carnation from Florigene. I phoned them to get some information about the marketing in Europe and labelling provisions.

They told me they focuss mainly on the US market. For the time being, because of the sensitivity of the subject, they will avoid marketing the product in the UK and Germany. If any of you gets contrary information, please let me know.

They also explained about the labelling system. The growers have to put labels on the packaging of the flowers. They try to keep the packaging intact right to the shop. So the shopkeeper is informed about what he/she is buying and selling. There is no legal provision for the shopkeepers to label the flowers, so consumers are usually not informed, unless they ask about it.

Maybe it's an idea to go for genetech-free flower shops??

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