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2-plants: Monsanto withdraw RR soya registration in Brazil

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Today (03/16/1999) the main commercial newspaper, Gazeta Mercantil, 
published the  extraordinary news that Monsanto announced they decided to 
withdraw  the request to register the intellectual propriety for the 5  
varieties of RRSoya!  According a Monsanto's director,  the reason  was 
only that some technical information were lacking in the process.  But 
the Gazeta Mercantil's article makes clear that Monsanto was  loosing the 
battle in Brazil, listing several political facts which  happened in the 
last months: the European polemic against  transgenics, the statement 
against the RRsoya taken by all Brazilian  public agencies for consumers 
proctetion, which met last Friday in  Brazilia, by iniciative of the 
Minister of Justice, the Rio Grande do Sul decrete, which put in the 
illegality all trials and commercial plantations without environment 
assessment, and the decision of IBAMA, the enforcement agency for 
environmental policies from the Minister of Environment to joint itself 
to the judicial suit from IDEC and GREENPEACE, against the CTN-Bio's 
permit for the soya RR, and at least, the strong oposition from the SBPC, 
the national association of scientists, to the transgenics.

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