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New herbicideresistant crops

Title: New herbicideresistant crops

If you're interested in following what will come to the market in the near future, have a look at this:

 Novartis Inc. announced that it has discovered a new gene technology to provide tolerance for various crops, beginning with maize, against a class of broad-spectrum herbicides. The new gene will be trademarked under the name Acuron(TM). Novartis has determined that new gene technology will work on a broad range of crops, including corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, canola, cotton, sorghum and sugar beets. When inserted into corn and other crops, the gene provides tolerance to a class of herbicides known as PPOs, protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibitors. Novartis intends to launch herbicides within this class over the next decade. Registration for the lead herbicide is in progress, with EPA approval anticipated in 2003. (February 19)

(retrieved from AgBiotech Newsletter 167, 19 February 1999)

You could also have a look at the underlying patents at the website of the European Patent Office: where you can search in their database. Type "protoporphyrinogen oxidase" in the title frame and you'll find three of them.

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