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2-Plants: COMMENT on "Monsanto plans for RR soyabean in Brazil"

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Date:        03.03  11:58 Uhr
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From:        marijane  lisboa,

Dear Friends,

Monsanto's plans for planting RR soyabean in Brazil in next automn don't 
have any basis in the reality. The "technical approval"given by the 
National Comission for Biosafety needs still to be backed by 3 
ministries: Environment, Health and Agriculture. At least the Environment 
Minister doesn't seem to agree with, since he ordered IBAMA, the agency 
responsable for enforce the environmental policy to join the consumers' 
organization IDEC, and Greenpeace, in the legal suit against the above 
quoted Technical Comission for Biosafety, because they gave their 
"technical approval"without doing any risk assessment. As you see, we 
should never rely on Monsanto.

Best Regards,
Marijane Lisboa

Marijane Lisboa
GE Campaigner
Greenpeace Brasil
R. dos Pinheiros, 240 cj. 32
05422-000   Pinheiros  Brazil
phone: 55 11 3064-0549
fax: 55 11 282-5500
e-mail: mlisboa@dialb.gl3

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