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U.S. Soy Opens Its Doors

U.S. Soy LLC is open for business with their new soybean cleaning and 
processing plant in Mattoon, Illinois. Specializing in non-GMO, variety 
specific and certified organic food grade soybeans, the company owns and 
operates a state of the art receiving and cleaning facility specifically 
designed for food grade products. With an on-site storage capacity of 
over one million bushels, they have already contracted over 8,000 acres 
with area farmers for the 1998 harvest. "We spent a considerable amount 
of time studying the soybean market over the last two years and 
eventually everything came down to where it all starts - with the 
soybeans," says U.S. Soy president Jim Skiff. "This is a seed plant 
operation. Everything is designed and built to handle the beans in as 
gentle a method as possible. Future plans include the installation of 
equipment to produce spray-dried soymilk, roasted soybeans, 
extruded/expelled soybean oil and soy flour. All production lines will be 
supplied by Bar N.A. Inc., of Seymour, Illinois.

For more information, contact Jim Skiff at U.S. Soy LLC by phone:
217/235-1020 or by fax: 217/235-1006

U.S. Soy LLC can be found in the 1999 Soya & Oilseed Bluebook on page 101
Bar N.A., Inc. can be found on page 258 (Soya Blue Book)

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