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Dear GENET-news/forum readers,

after a week without messages you will get 14 messages on GENET-news and 
2 on GENET-forum. Please do not complain about the amount this time - I 
am fully aware of the problem of information overflow. My problem was 
that I could not access my provider in the second week in Cartagena. The 
difficulties could be solved today. I tried hard to condense the number 
of emails piled up during 7 days to a "workable" amount - the most 
beloved word of industry and the Miami Group in Cartagena when speaking 
about their wishes for a Biosafety Protocol.

Yours, Hartmut Meyer

-| Hartmut Meyer
-| Co-ordinator
-| The European NGO Network on Genetic Engineering
-| Reinhaeuser Landstr. 51
-| D - 37083 Goettingen
-| Germany
-| phone: #49-551-7700027
-| fax  : #49-551-7701672
-| email:

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