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          Monsanto's Catch 22 & Double Dealing! (Forgeries)

                        Last Update 02/23/99


   Monsanto's Catch 22, Monsanto is only concerned when the Public
  and/or Farmers, some of which are their customers, find out about
  the double dealing Monsanto is doing. Monsanto is actively taking
 farmers to court, total to date of 525 cases, for saving seed that
    the farmer produced on his own land.This has been the farmers
                    practice since farming began.

 Monsanto is not telling the producer about it's practice of forging
 or having their sales reps. forge the farmers signature to Release
  of Claims Forms holding Monsanto and their Distributors blameless
           and forever discharging them from all damages.

 The Posey County Prosecutor said these are Class C Felony Offenses.


January 5th. 1999---I am aware in the USA, through Farm Bureau
Personnel, of forgeries in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. I have been
told of an alleged settlement in one of the cases of $80,000.00 Feb.
10th. 1999 There has been 3 phone calls from the country of Germany
concerning Monsanto.
If you are a Producer, in any Country and/or in any State, and have
had to respray a field from 1990 through 1997 and possibly 98 and
you did not personally sign a release form There is a forgery with
your name on it. Jeff Jarrett, of Monsanto, said, "the Paper Work
(Release of Claims Forms) has to be done before any settlements are
made". If your Co-op or any other applicator has resprayed any of
your fields from 90 through 98 using Monsanto Chemicals please call
me Jim Winiger at 812-985-2860 or send E-mail to or
send a letter by regular mail. ( 8904 Hogue Rd. Evansville, Indiana,
USA. 47712 ) Help me complete the list below and show the
Applicators and Monsanto that producers throughout the world will
not tolerate the forging of our signatures.

You must stand up for your civil rights "nobody else is going to" I
am pursuing a class action law suit against Monsanto Chemical Co.
for all forgeries. I need your help.

             You may be entitled to a cash settlement !

If you are on Monsanto's Hit List of more than 1000 producers for
seed piracy you need to contact me. This may help your case. If you
have already settled on the seed piracy issue this action does not
violate the terms of your agreement with Monsanto.

            Seed Piracy is about stealing from Monsanto!

      These forgeries by Monsanto are about stealing from you!




       I guess it all depends upon who is stealing from who!!

 Read the forms below very carefully, make sure you understand their

 The Posey County Prosecutor said these forgeries are Class C Felony

These Forgeries were committed by the Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op
 and Monsanto Chemical Co. One was signed by Dee Marshall-secretary.
  The other was signed by Jeff Jarrett of Monsanto. The signatures
 were authorized by Carl Redman, Division Manager for the Co-op, and
   signed in his office. Jim Swinney, General Manager of the Posey
  County Farm Bureau Co-op., The Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op and
 Monsanto Chemical Co. are Guilty of Forgery, Accessories to Forgery
                      and Misprision of Felony

 Jim Swinney, Carl Redman, Dee Marshall and Jeff Jerratt are FELONS



                   Monsanto Mess--Lies & Forgeries

Monsanto, the genetic engineering company included FALSE
INFORMATION, to Government Advisers on Safety, about some of their
genetically engineered products.

Visit the web sites below to learn more about the SAFETY of Yours
and the worldıs food. org-stands for government.

It appears that Monsanto will do almost anything to make money, from


                     Monsantoıs Crop Loss Refund
                New Version of an old Policy, Forgery

If you sign their agreements you are GIVING UP ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS
for losses inflicted upon you by Monsanto. You are entitled to
losses when the chemicals do not work. But you have to prove those
losses through comparisons. (good from the bad) Now they do not have
to forge your signature, You gave up your rights when you sign up
for their programs.

But this keeps Monsanto and the applicators from following their old
                  policy of forging your Signature.

Seed cost Roundup Ready is app. $25 per 50#. If you plant 200,000
seeds per acre, seed requirement will be 71.43 lb. per acre.(AG
4501-avg. seed per # of 2800) The cost of your seed per acre is a
Whopping $35.75

               You cannot afford to plant this seed !

With the Farm Economy in a state of depression you cannot afford to
plant $35.75 seed. Go back to your bin and plant $6.00 seed. This
spread of $29.75 per acre is more than your going to make in profit
this coming year. Roundup Ready Beans average 2 to 5 bushels less
per acre than conventional varieties. (Farm Journal/Mid-January
1999) At $5.00 per bushel you loose another $25.00 per acre. You
have lost $54.75 per acre just on your seed selection.

                       If you have to Replant

In my area Roundup chemical is recommended at 1 * quarts (48oz.) per
acre. $15.84 plus $4.50 application = $20.34 Monsantoıs refunds are
(If you follow Recommendations* There is an asterisk here-To me this
always means trouble) going to give 24oz. per acre. This looks as if
their only giving you * of the recommended rate, This means you will
have to purchase the other * . Your $15.84 is now $23.76 per acre
plus 2 applications $9.00 for a TOTAL of $32.76.

Donıt forget the seed cost of approximately $25.00 per 50#. If you
are planting 200,000 seeds per acre, Your seed requirements will be
71.43 lb. per acre. The cost of your seed per acre is a $35.75
Monsantoıs replant is $8.00 per bag refund. This is only 1/3rd. the
cost of your seed requirement. You again will need to purchase
another $23.81 of seed per acre. And don't forget about the 5 bu per
acre yield reduction and/or the $25.00 Total seed cost now is $84.56
per acre.

Donıt forget you cannot go back to your bin and get seed because you
                      signed their paper work.

    You total cost for seed and chemical now is $117.31 per acre.

    Your banker would pull his hair out if he knew you did this!

Gene altered grain, corn or beans, is not accepted or wanted by some
if not most countries of the world. Do not be suprised if you are
not allowed to deliver your harvested grain to your local or normal
elevator because this grain should not be commingled with normal
corn for purposes of export sales. Do not be suprised if US.
producers loose more exports to foreign countries due to our mixed

Mr. Farmer this is your WAKE-UP call or is the consumer going to
hear you complain about your High cost of production, Low sale
price, Loss of foreign markets and the possibility of weeds in the
future that you cannot kill.

     I do not know about you but I cannot afford these programs.

  Monsanto and Farm Bureau you are a DISGRACE to the Farm Community
  and to all Business throughout the World who are conducting their
                   affairs in an HONEST manner !!


-| Hartmut Meyer
-| Co-ordinator
-| The European NGO Network on Genetic Engineering
-| Reinhaeuser Landstr. 51
-| D - 37083 Goettingen
-| Germany
-| phone: #49-551-7700027
-| fax  : #49-551-7701672
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