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5-Animals: NZ university adds frog genes to salmon

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NZ University Adds Frog Genes To Salmon
Sunday, 21 February 1999, 2:42 pm
Press Release: Green Party

Jeanette Fitzsimons MP
Green Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand
21 February 1999

Canterbury University is spending $142,000 to create mutant salmon, 
including some with frog genes.
Greens Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons, who issued details of the work 
today, said it was the first example of genetic engineering of marine 
species she had discovered in New Zealand.
"Salmon are migratory fish and I am deeply concerned that this tampering 
work will eventually transfer gene pollution to the oceans," she said. 
"It will mean no corner of the world will be free of it. 
"There are ethical questions about crossing two non-related animals in 
this way, plus an issue of human health. The toad and frog genes selected 
in this type of experiment produce natural antibiotics. No-one knows how 
these will affect people who eat mutant salmon."
Ms Fitzsimons said New Zealand was becoming one of the genetic 
engineering centres of the world, and a principal advocate for the 
"In the last few days at international genetic engineering protocol talks 
in Colombia - a spin-off from the 1992 Earth Summit - New Zealand sided 
with the United States and its big gene tampering firms, and opposed 
concerns of developing countries," she said.
"Developing nations feared genetically engineered crops could have 
devastating effects on their rich biological diversity, cultural 
traditions and traditional agriculture." 
For example, Tewolde Gebre Egziabher, Ethiopia's chief environmental 
official, said: "Our knowledge of these things is too scanty. Until 
proven not dangerous, they must be presumed dangerous." 
"New Zealand to its shame opposed such a sensible view," Ms Fitzsimons 
said. "Unlike cautious European countries, we have become the 
mutant-making hand-maiden to big US companies like Monsanto."

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