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4-Patents: Rhone-Poulenc won a RR-patent suit against Monsanto

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TITLE:  French firm wins suit against Monsanto
SOURCE: UPI Farming Today
DATE:   June 4, 1999

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French firm wins suit against Monsanto 

A French agribusiness company says it's won a major legal victory
against U.S. rival Monsanto Co. over the genetic material used to
create a popular variety of corn seed. A federal jury in North
Carolina found Monsanto's subsidiary DeKalb Genetics Co. violated
Rhone-Poulenc Agro's patent on the genetically altered seed,
which DeKalb sells as Roundup Ready corn. Monsanto has been
ordered to pay Rhone-Poulenc $65 million in damages. Furthermore,
Rhone-Poulenc says today it will seek a court injunction aimed at
halting the sale of Roundup Ready corn seed for next year's
growing season. Roundup Ready seed is designed to tolerate the
Monsanto-produced herbicide Roundup, or glyphosate. Rhone-Poulenc
filed suit in 1997.

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