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3-Food: Nestle Italy backs off from GE food

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Date:        08.06  18:18 Uhr
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We send the press releases come out today on Il Salvagente, an
italian consumer magazine. The news was launche also by Agi, an
italian press agency.

from Il Salvagente
Riccardo Quintili

Transgenic products: Nestle' backs off

Even those food producers in favour of genetically modified
organisms are dumping biotechnology. This is what 'Il
Salvagente', an italian consumer magazine, has learnt before
others from Nestle'. According to what Gianfranco Faina, the
general manager of communication, has told 'Il Salvagente', the
international top management of Swiss multinational company
officially decided, few days ago, not to use any transgenic
ingredients in its products. According to Faina, this decision
was taken in light of the recognition that 'there isn't a
consensus among consumers towards the use of biotechnologies, and
the reservations started in Britain are now spreading all over
Europe'. On the contrary, it is the lack of consensus that has
pushed Nestle to reject manipulated food. 'We believe this is the
right stand to take today - continues Faina - at least as long as
the consumers do not express consensus, as we wish will happen,
and until a risk-assessing procedure is not set up'.

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