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Greenpeace welcomes France's call for GMO moratorium

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Thema:  Greenpeace welcomes France's call for GMO moratorium


Greenpeace welcomes todays decision of the French government to demand that
the EU suspends any further approvals for commercial releases of GMOs into
the environment under the present Directive 90/220. "France thereby joins
Greece, Denmark, Luxembourg, Italy and hopefully Austria  demanding the
same kind of GMO moratorium," said Greenpeace Internationals GE expert
Benny Haerlin, "we certainly hope and expect other member states to join
this cautious approach at the Council of Environmental ministers in
Luxembourg tomorrow."  But even if a common decision of the Council of
Ministers to suspend further approvals cannot be reached, Greenpeace sees
little chances for any further approvals of GMOs within the next year. "The
countries supporting the initiative by now at least form a blocking
minority in the respective EU committees. Also, if the new EU Commission
together with pro-GMO hardliners like the German and UK government tried to
force further approvals they would face a wave of national bans and this
would certainly further undermine any credibility of the EU approval
process. "There simply is no common market for genetically engineered crops
in Europe," Haerlin concluded, "ministers must acknowledge this fact, if
they intend to gain credibility and a joint European approach on GMOs."

If ministers agree on a common position on the revision of Directive 90/220
and the Parliament adopts the Directive as well, the new rules could be
implemented in member states legislation around the end of 2000 or
beginning of 2001.

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Greenpeace International, Benedikt Haerlin +49 30 308899-12

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