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3-Food: Consumer coalition against GE food launched in Australia & New Zealand

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TITLE:  Consumer coalition formed against GMOs
SOURCE: Australian Associated Press
DATE:   July 26, 1999

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Consumer coalition formed against GMOs

SYDNEY, July 26 AAP - A coalition protesting against genetically 
altered food will be launched in Sydney and Wellington tomorrow.
The Emergency Coalition Against Genetically Engineered Food has
been formed to push for full labelling of genetically engineered
food in Australia and New Zealand and a freeze on food
development using gene technology. The launch comes as the maker
of the popular Australian spread Vegemite conceded today it did
not know whether it contained genetically modified organisms
(GMO). Kraft said while it was certain the main ingredient,
yeast, did not contain any GMOs, it could not say the same for
minor ingredients. The coalition has been formed ahead of the
Australia New Zealand Food Authority meeting in Canberra on
August 3.

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