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2-Plants: GE crops will fight hunger (5) - Mexico

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TITLE:  Plant breeder warns on food technology
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
        sent by AGNET, Canada
DATE:   July 15, 1999

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Plant breeder warns on food technology

Dr Tim Reeves, head of the International Plant Breeding Centre in
Mexico, was cited as saying that the concerns of the developed
world about food safety and biotechnology should not be allowed
to override the developing world's need for more food and that
the developed world risks economic paternalism by denying third
world nations access to technology, adding, "One of the key
issues is that we don't super-impose the will of the developed
countries on developing countries who have completely different
issues to look at. 40-thousand people die every day of hunger and
malnutrition (in developing countries) and they have urgent
requirements to increase food production sustainably and safely."

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