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3-Food: Malaysian consumer NGO calls for GE food ban

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TITLE:  Ban genetically-produced food
SOURCE: Business Times, Malaysia
DATE:   July 13, 1999

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Ban genetically-produced food

THE National Consumer Protection Council has called for the ban
on imports and sale of all genetically-engineered food products
until it has been proven safe for consumption by an independent
body. Chairman Datuk Moehamad Izat Emir said, recent reports from
scientists have alerted the danger of such products. The council
has suggested proper labelling of all the genetically-engineered
food. "All the health food and health products need to be
labelled accordingly to safeguard the rights and safety of
consumers," he said in a statement released to announce the
resolution of the council meeting attended by 18 members in Kuala
Lumpur yesterday. He said, the authorities should also increase
enforcement to ensure that all production, distribution and
promotion of the concerned products will not be manipulated. The
council also backed the step taken by the Domestic Trade and
Consumer Affair Ministry to enact the Consumer Protection Bill
1999, in which the draft for the Act has been approved by the
Cabinet recently. Since the last 10 years, he said, the council,
consumers movements and other social bodies have been striving
hard to make sure the enactment of the Act comes into reality.

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