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US to label GM foods?

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>From BBC 14 July 99
US to label GM foods 

Thirty per cent of US corn comes from genetically modified seeds 
US to label GM foods?
by BBC Washington correspondent Tom Carver 
The American administration has said that it will probably agree to label genetically-engineered food. 
At the moment, American law does not require this. 
However, European governments have threatened to continue their ban on the import of American genetically-modified food if the Americans do not accept such labelling. 
Up to now, the American administration has opposed the labelling of genetically-modified or GM food, agreeing with the American food industry that it unfairly stigmatised what they regard as a perfectly safe product. 
But the Agriculture Secretary, Dan Glickman, said that the dispute with Europe was now looming very large and as a way of helping to defuse the crisis, he said that the administration was likely to agree to some kind of obligatory labelling. 
American farmers are using more and more genetically engineered products, withi 44% of American soya beans and 36% of corn coming from genetically modified seeds. 
So far this has been accepted without question by the American public. But last month researchers at Cornell University said that pollen from GM corn had been shown to kill butterflies. 
Mr Glickman said that the administration still believed that GM food was perfectly safe and he urged Europe to avoid yet another trade war.

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