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3-Food: Thalidomide victims call for ban on GM foods

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TITLE:  Thalidomide victims call for ban on GM foods
SOURCE: PA News, by Tim Moynihan
DATE:   May 31, 1999

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Thalidomide victims call for ban on GM foods

Thalidomide victims today called for an immediate ban on all
genetically modified foods, warning that more testing was needed.
"There needs to be more testing into GM foods and the way it
could affect people's health in the future, especially unborn
babies," Thalidomide UK said. "We think the Government are
ignoring the danger signs that GM foods could be the most
dangerous chemicals of all time and are acting irresponsibly."
The drug Thalidomide was blamed for birth defects in  more than
12,000 babies, many of whom were born without arms or legs and
with defective organs, after it was prescribed widely during the
1950s and 1960s as a sedative and treatment for morning sickness
for pregnant women. Thalidomide UK chairman Freddie Astbury said:
"Scientists warned of dangers of the drug in 1959. The drug was
also tested on rats in the same way as GM food products, showing
signs of the effects it could have. "The Government should take
Dr Arpad Pusztai, whose research first ignited public health
fears, more seriously. "We try to teach people about the danger
of drugs, yet we eat food with chemicals in which we don't fully
understand. The Government are misunderstanding the fears of the
public with GM foods. How can people trust the Government and the
experts after the Thalidomide tragedy?

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