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2-Plants: Brazil slows down approval of RR soya

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TITLE:  Brazil slows down approval of RR soya
SOURCE: Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Campaign USA
        Charles Margulis,
DATE:   May 31, 1999

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Recently, there has been much confusion about the "approval" of RR soybeans for planting in Brazil. While most of the US press carried a story citing the Ag Minister's statements as a green light for planting, Greenpeace Brazil pointed out that there are other hurdles before commercial growing can begin, among them an environmental assessment.

Now, according to the Brazilian journal Gazeta Mercantil (sorry, not sure of the date, probably May 28) the Agricultural Minister has decided to hold the definitive publication of the 5 varieties of RR-Soybeans in the list of Registro Nacional de Cultivares (National Register of crops). He reaffirmed that the country has to adopt "additional technical and political caution" to allowed the register of GMOs. 

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