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2-Plants: Italian Minister for Environment calls for a GMO moratorium

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TITLE:  Italy says consumer at risk without GMO moratorium
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   June 26, 1999

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Italy says consumer at risk without GMO moratorium

ROME -- Italian Environment Minister Edo Ronchi was cited as
saying in Saturday's edition of Rome daily La Repubblica that the
European Union's decision to halt authorising new genetically
modified crops before 2002 was not enough, warning that without a
moratorium consumers remained at risk, adding, "We were asking
for commitment for a moratorium - we wanted to block the
introduction of new GMOs altogether until the law laid out much
stricter guidelines. Our proposal was not passed, even if the
political agreement reached between Italy, France, Greece,
Denmark and Luxembourg should have been enough to secure a de
facto moratorium. ... It's not a case of stopping the technology
(of GMOs) but of using it in the right way. As things stand today
the safety measures in place are not adequate, and this is a risk
for consumers...and for the biotechnology industry. If another
case of (the cancer-causing chemical) dioxin happened in gene
technology the impact on the sector's companies would be
devastating - prevention is in everybody's interest."

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